How To Support a Friend After a Car Accident
February 23, 2021
Car accidents are often traumatic events, and the people who experience them need help. This is how to support a friend after a car accident.

Car accidents are nasty affairs that can end tragically. If a friend has endured a car crash, you might have difficulty figuring out the best course of action. Here is how to support a friend after a car accident.

Meet Their Tangible Needs

Usually, people will need tangible support—your physical presence helping them accomplish tasks they can’t do alone. Consider bringing them home-cooked meals to alleviate one stressor throughout their day. If they suffered severe injuries, they likely have many medical appointments to attend. You can offer to take them to these appointments, especially since they may fear driving after the accident or may not be able to drive due to injury.

Support Them Emotionally

The emotions that car crash survivors deal with often fluctuate from day to day. If the accident involved a fatality, they could have survivor’s guilt. If another driver seriously injured them, they may deal with the emotional pain of physical incapacitation and injustice. As a friend, you should give them a shoulder to lean on and allow them to process their thoughts with you. Ask them about their feelings and how they understand the situation. Refrain from offering simple platitudes and unsolicited emotional advice—this will just create a chasm between you.

Help Them Find Legal Next Steps

There is one caveat to the no advice rule—you can suggest they find legal aid. This may be the last thing on their mind, particularly if they have physical injuries. However, legal professionals can help them get the compensation they deserve. If your friend was not at fault, they likely have a legitimate claim against the instigator of the accident. You can help them by researching local lawyers and learning what to do before filing a car accident lawsuit. Even if they don’t take your advice, you will have this information handy should you or anyone else need it in the future.

Knowing how to support a friend after a car accident can help you ease their burdens. No one wants to feel alone, especially after a damaging incident like a crash. Seek ways to help and be the beacon of light they so desperately need during this time.


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