Useful Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment
January 12, 2021
Moving into your first apartment is an exciting adventure. Make your new place feel like home by decorating it with the help of these useful tips and tricks.

Finding and moving into your first apartment can be stressful but extremely rewarding. If you are settling into your first apartment, you may be wondering how you can truly make it feel like your own. Read on to discover useful tips for decorating your first apartment. With these tips, you are sure to create a space that feels elegant and specific to your unique taste.

Balance Neutral and Fun Colors

Avoid overwhelming your apartment’s color palette by balancing between neutral and exciting colors. Unique colors can help to personalize the apartment and create an aesthetic in your new abode. However, too many colors or patterns in your apartment may make your space feel condensed.

Try using a neutral color for most of the walls and utilize sparing pops of color. Remember, you can always add colors and patterns to your place with artwork or furnishing.

Get Creative with Storage

Storage is a convenient way to decorate and maximize your living space. Utilize the vertical space provided in your apartment with shelves and cabinets. You can find various designs of either to suit your aesthetic, whether it’s rustic or modern.

Compartmentalize items as you unpack into your new place. Dedicating storage spaces to categorized things will make them easier to find in the future. Consider chic storage assets, like a bar cart, to further style varying rooms. There are creative ways to style a bar cart so that it adds to your apartment’s atmosphere without overdoing it.

Add Unique Pieces

Artwork and trinkets can make your apartment feel engaging. Personalize with art selections that match the vibe and color scheme of your place. One of the useful tips for decorating your first apartment regarding artwork and trinkets is to not overdo it with either.

Excessive trinkets and artwork can lead your place to look and feel overwhelming. Extra décor items may also make it more difficult to clean rooms. Try to limit yourself to a few pieces of art or trinkets within each room.

Maximize Sunlight

What better way to showcase your carefully selected decorations than with some natural sunlight? Configure your furniture and decorations to optimize the amount of natural light coming in. Allowing sunlight into your apartment will bring out the pops of color within the unit and perhaps even minimize your electricity bill.

Throughout the decorating process, take a step back to see how the décor is coming together. It can be fun to idealize how your apartment will look with an abundance of décor, but not until all your décor is physically there can you determine whether it all meshes. Aim to strike a balance of personal decorations and minimalism in your first apartment to establish an ideal space for yourself.


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