Join me for a 12 Week Year: Let's #BeAmazing Together!
May 06, 2020
“It's not what you know; it's not even who you know; it's what you implement that counts.” Together we are going to help 100,000 businesses and non profits recover from the impact of Covid-19

My name is JR Robinson.  A few months ago I started reading the book "The 12 Week Year" by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington.  I got the idea that my depression and anxiety had taken to much of my life away.  So I thought, I want to interview this Brian Moran and that would be my kick-start to my 12 Week Year.  I landed the interview and it went great.  Then Covid-19 shut the world down and fast.  People were losing jobs.  Businesses were shutting down.  My company JustMyCities Corp was going to have to delay our product launch.  Then I got this idea, what if I invite the entire country to join me in a 12 Week Challenge.  But not just any challenge, I wanted the country to join me in helping 100,000 businesses and non profits bounce back from the financial impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.  So me and my partner got to talking and we decided, we might not be able to launch our new tech company right now.  Instead let's use the platform to help communities get back on their feet.  So that is what we are doing.  Join us for a 12 Week Year Challenge to help 100,000 organizations across the country.  Spend a few minutes as I introduce the Book and share exactly how you can help!  

The 12 Week Year will teach you how to successfully hit your personal or business goals by planning in 12-week cycles instead of following our typical 12-month routine.  So this is where things get really good.  You and I together can make massive changes in our lives while helping 100,000 local organizations get back on their feet.  Let's Do This!  

My Zoom interview with Co-Authors Brian Moran

Before we Move On, How Can You Help?

Our idea of helping organizations is by helping them with Media and Marketing support.  We are giving local non profits and business owners tools to help share Announcements, Sales, Coupons, Events, Videos, and their stories.  Plus there is Advertising Support, a Newsletter Service, Video Support, and Digital Business Cards.  Organizations pay what they can, even if that is just $1.00 per month.  Why do this?  Because now more than ever, organizations need great communication tools to help them get their message out so that they can hire and bring back employees.  So they can get back to supporting their communities.  But we can't do this alone.  We need your help!

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So Why Take This 12 Week Year Challenge with Us?

Local businesses and non profits need all the support and awareness we can bring to them at this time.  People need jobs.  The economy needs all of us to come together to #BeAmazing.  But this isn't just about helping others.  There is a mom that wants to get back to her pre-baby body.  There are husbands that want to become better dads.  There are individuals with great business ideas but for whatever reason they have a hard time making things happen.  This challenge is about anyone that wants to get better at reaching their goals.  This is about deciding today that you don't want to talk anymore about your goals, you want to live your goals.  Well that is what it is for me.  Let's get things started!

I read a lot of Reviews on this Book and there are 3 lessons almost everyone Found Helpful:

The problem with setting annual goals is you think you have plenty of time to reach them.  So there is always the, I will start that tomorrow or when this happens or when that happens.  The 12-week year method helps you to focus and be more consistent. Our goal for example, 100,000 businesses and non profits helped in a 12 Week Year.  That sounds kinda crazy, but if we keep a very close eye on the goals meticulously measuring our steps daily.  I believe we can get there.  Now I have some personal goals for this challenge.  Mine are getting in the best shape of my life and navigating my company to help more people than I ever dreamed was possible.  Think about what goals you have and let's get started.  Grab a pen and calendar; let’s #BeAmazing together while becoming more efficient at planning and reaching our goals!  We Got This!


The 1st Lesson: The 12-week year approach sets you Free from yearly goal-setting.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going right now? I’ve asked this question to people multiple times throughout the years, and it usually falls flat. People struggle with planning annually, but we all do it year after year, only to fail every time. This happens because when we think to achieve something so far in advance, we grow complacent in the middle, thinking we have plenty of time to finish. 

Because of this, December is often the best performing month for most businesses. After a year of non-urgency, the last month becomes the catch-up where we push to finish strong. But having that intense drive only once a year isn’t enough. 

Peak performers know that smaller planning seasons grant deeper focus and a greater sense of urgency. Athletes were early adopters of what’s known as periodization, or pinpointing a specific skill to improve and working on it in a smaller stretch of time. The 12-week cycle takes this principle, and the advantages that come with it, and applies it to business and personal goals. 

With a 12-week pattern, you can get that motivation to sprint to the finish four times a year. You are also setting yourself up to work harder in the intermediate points within the 12-week cycle. The first step is to create a vision of where you want to be. Use that vision to make specific and measurable goals for your 12-week period. Then it’s time to set up a tracking system so you can stay accountable to yourself and others, which we’ll learn about next.

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Lesson 2: Weekly Reviews are a Must if you are Going to Hit Your Goals!

So at this point one has to ask, Why 12 Weeks?  It is a heck of a lot easier to stay motivated for 12 weeks than 12 months. But the task is not for the faint of heart.  Time Management is a very important part of your success story here.  You have to manage your time wisely each day and each week of the 12-week cycle or you will fail.  To reach your potential  goals you can't delay on the important tasks on your list.  They must be treated as urgent.  Like as we here at JustMy get ready to kick-off this 12-week cycle for us to help business owners.

If you are going to hit your goals you are going to have to manage your time and review your status weekly.  You might be able to miss your focus for a few hours, but 12 weeks is going to end and if you wasted it, you failed again and life gets to remind you that once again you couldn't stick to something!


Lesson 3: To achieve what you set out to accomplish every 12 weeks you must carefully manage your time.

What makes the 12 Week Year such a great idea.  It is a heck of a lot easier to stay motivated for 12 weeks than 12 months. But the task is not for the faint of heart.  Time Management is a very important part of your success story here.  You have to manage your time wisely each day and each week of the 12-week cycle or you will fail.  To reach your potential  goals you can't delay on the important tasks on your list.  They must be treated as urgent.  Like as we here at JustMy get ready to kick-off this 12-week cycle for us to help business owners.

You are going to have issues to come up.  Don't fight them, take action to block their impact. 

I love this idea of Strategic Blocks.   They are three-hours long, and should be reserved for Deep Work. Do not accept interruptions during this time, and move to a location that is conducive to this if necessary.  Then there is the idea of a Buffer Block.  What's that, well I am glad you asked.  It is the time you dedicate to dealing with all interruptions in one sitting. You can do this a couple of times each day if necessary for an hour or so.  Now there is one more block we need to talk about.

The Breakout Block is simply a break from all things work. Take three hours from normal working hours to be away from it. Breakout blocks improve productivity by helping us stay focused and energetic. Ok, that last sentence is clearly not my thinking at all.  But ok!  Let's Go!

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Together Let's #BeAmazing for Ourselves and for 100,000 Local Business Owner & Non Profit Organizations.  Let's Do It!

So you figured it out, I love The 12 Week Year. But the idea that by sharing it with as many people in this country as possible, I could help people like myself live better richer lives and as a team we could help 100,000 Local Business Owners & Non Profits Organizations recover from the Financial Impact of Covid-19.  There was no way I could not try this.  So please join me.  Set your own goals, challenge your friends and family to join us in this effort.  Let's #BeAmazing Together!

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