How can we Fall in Love Again
April 03, 2020
Some couples grow together in a marriage while others drift apart as time and life happens. Most couples realize that, contrary to social media and fairy tales, a lasting love requires effort, work and attention.

Dear Jennifer,
Is it possible to feel “in love” after 33 years if one wasn’t ever “in love” in the beginning?

Sincerely, LOVELESS


Dear Ms. Loveless,
Falling in-love again is absolutely possible, even when you two were not in the beginning. Love is a verb, but it is also a series of chemical reactions in your body over a sustained period of time. At this crossroad in your marriage you have a choice to make. Rebuild and rework your marriage to rekindle that love until you are in-love, or let these sparks fizzle out. The definitions of being in-love redefine itself throughout marriage, but those in-love feelings (however you define them) can definitely be brought back to the surface and made available to the two of you. All of this takes work however after 33 years of marriage I would think that would be something worth fighting for.


Jennifer J. Hayes


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