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September 09, 2021

Digital Tools designed to help LOCAL's thrive. Create, Publish, and Share Content to one person or 1000's.

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What if we all worked together to create better communities? What if we helped LOCAL business owners with TOOLS to help them market and manage their business? What if we created TOOLS that helped LOCAL non-profits do more, reach more, and serve more? What if we helped LOCALS connect more with the #BeAmazing things going on in their Community?

That is what we are doing here at JustMy, building Digital Tools for you and your community. We could use your help, just create a free account today and check out our Digital TOOLBox.

Let’s #BeAmazing Together

All of your content, no matter where it is on the web is now ready to use everywhere. Bring your content together for business cards, pitches, profiles, and for QR codes. This is content distribution made easy!

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JustMy is about supporting LOCALS, check out these LOCAL area businesses and organizations! Everything you want to know about them is here! Like and Share TODAY! If you are a local business and would like a free listing with us, create your Digital Business Card today and we will share it with the community!