Common Problems Living in a Rural Community
April 19, 2021
Everyone prefers living in different areas –some love the city, others prefer the country, and some are in the middle. Learn the common problems of rural life.

While each geographic location has its benefits, it also has various disadvantages to consider. For instance, rural communities often lack technological advancements; some of the common problems living in a rural community include transportation struggles, geographic isolation, and more.


Often, geographic barriers in rural communities or longer stretches of land make traveling more time-consuming. Additionally, since poverty is often a struggle in these communities, long-distance trips can become a burden to those who don't own a vehicle.

A struggle with transportation also affects:

With a further distance to hospitals and other healthcare providers, individuals may struggle to get the care they need in a timely manner, leading to new underlying conditions or mistreatment of current health concerns. Moreover, transportation struggles put up barriers to proper education and food access.

Geographic Isolation

Many rural communities have smaller populations because of the acres of land separating properties; moreover, with less infrastructure than cities and suburban communities, there are increased internet speed and cellular reception problems. Social isolation can lead to:

Many living in these communities could benefit from cellular boosters, enhancing their reception and ease of talking with family or friends. By breaking this barrier down, individuals can gain better access to information outside of their community.

Difficulty Finding Work

Another common problem living in a rural community that individuals face is finding a steady income source, as many jobs within these areas center around farming. Increased rates of poverty and underemployment directly affect other challenges faced in these communities, such as:

Often, finding work in the country comes with challenges due to the lack of internet and reception or a lack of proper skills – jobs in rural areas usually require technical skills and an understanding of the great outdoors. Sometimes, the required skills simply aren't taught in the classroom, but rather through doing the work firsthand, putting some individuals at a disadvantage.


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