Creative Ways To Add Color To Your Home
March 29, 2021
Whether you’re new to using color or want to bring more of it into your home, our creative ways for adding color to your interior should be useful to you.

For some, including color in home décor can be an intimidating prospect when they’re used to sticking to foolproof neutrals. Other people may already have some color in their homes, but want to incorporate it more tastefully. Regardless of the group you fall into, our creative ways to add color to your home should help spark some decorating ideas.

Paint Inside Shelves and Cabinets

Giving shelves and cabinets fresh coats of paint is the usual method for switching up the look of your room. If you want to use an unconventional color and don’t want it to take up too much space in a room, though, you could paint the insides of shelves and cabinets separately. This can be an effective strategy for creating striking accents. When you look at an open shelf from certain angles, you’ll be able to see the interesting color within, but it won’t be an intrusive presence. For cabinets, you can paint the sides of the individual cabinet drawers so that your eccentric hue is visible only when you pull them out.

Set Out Colorful Textiles

Textile pieces are suitable mediums for creatively adding color to your home. Since they can be small, they can fit naturally on top of a neutral décor foundation. For example, you may have a room with walls, sofas, tables, and lamps in various shades of gray. You could then use a blanket in a bright yellow or orange to add interest. You can use throw pillows, table cloths, and even towels (in kitchens and restrooms) or other textile pieces as sources of color as well.

Use Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t common in homes today, but it’s perfect for providing personality and eye-catching colors. Go for a stimulating pattern with some attractive hues to make a room stand out. You can incorporate bold wallpaper naturally by repeating certain colors from it in other pieces in the space. Alternatively, you can treat wallpaper as an accent and place it on only one wall to draw attention there, similar to a large painting. The rest of the room can stay modest and neutral to create a contrasting effect.


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